5 Questions: Ellen Dalton, Chief Marketing Officer at Medecision

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5 Questions: Ellen Dalton, Chief Marketing Officer at Medecision

April 10, 2014 ? Posted by David K.

Ellen Dalton is the Chief Marketing Officer for Medecision. This company is focused on tackling big problems in healthcare, like disconnected systems, disjointed data, less-than-optimal care delivery, and health outcomes that none of us want to experience.

I?ve asked Ellen to be my third guest regarding a new blog series called Five Questions?where I interview our clients and industry stalwarts on what is happening in their world of health or healthcare technology, and any insight they have regarding the state of the industry and trends to watch.

Five Questions Blog Series ? Ellen Dalton, Chief Marketing Officer ? Medecision

Me: ?Ellen, as the Chief Marketing Officer for Medecision, you have played a key role in positioning Medecision as a leader in the population health management space. Can you share some of the company?s recent accomplishments for us?

Ellen: ?We have transitioned from a health plans-only supplier of care management workflow automation to a company that partners with leading organizations (plan and provider owned) to leverage technology to help succeed at current market challenges:? sharing and delegating risk, standing up narrow networks, competing on health insurance exchanges, keeping members and patients engaged and satisfied.? Our platform is now used by more than 60 risk-bearing entities across the nation to operate profitable and effective population health management and chronic care management and coordination.? And our clients see striking results in hospitalizations averted, bed days decreased, improved quality scores ? just to name a few.

Me: ?What are the key challenges ahead?

Ellen: ?I think the biggest challenge is the length and complexity of the transformation journey.? Some organizations need to change the tires while the car is driving down the road at high speeds.? Cultures need to change, allegiances need to shift, new strategies need to be crafted and executed.? At Medecision, we?re on a mission to create the highest-leverage technology assets for our clients, so no matter what their strategy or pace of change, our platform and applications drive tangible value ? in the short-term and for a future strategic option too.

Me: ?Patient engagement is getting a lot of buzz these days. What can providers and payers do to better engage their patients with their health care?

Ellen: ?Keep it Simple and Make it Seamless!? At Medecision, we?re extending automation ?the last mile? to consumers so that we seamlessly connect consumer-offered information and insight to the care management/coordination workflow.? First and foremost, we?re investing in the data sources and data science to drive the most targeted, most personalized information to care providers and consumers themselves (and their families and caregivers, too)..? Then, we?re keeping patient engagement as simple as possible by incorporating passive remote monitoring services, sending on-line videos with condition information and educational material to web and mobile devices and integrating best-in-class engagement apps into our suite of tools.

Me: ?What are some of the keys for payers and providers to work efficiently together to improve outcomes while bending the cost curve downward?

Ellen: ?Data liberation is the first step towards true collaboration.? Decision support tools are limited without robust and real-time data, and data need to be made actionable with predictive science embedded in workflow and available at all points of care.

Me: ?Finally, where do you see the population health space in the next few years?

Ellen: ?We have a very clear vision that successful population health management (and chronic care management and care coordination) will drive a requirement for a platform and applications that perform ?care cycle management.?? Care cycle management aggregates financial and clinical data seamlessly into centralized and distributed care workflow, with consumer decision support tools at the center.? As I mentioned earlier, though, the organizations that succeed in the population health space will have undertaken a journey to make cultural changes, streamline processes and use technology (ours, we hope!) to leverage price and quality transparency with consumer convenience at every turn.



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