How AI Can Take Wearable Tech to New Heights
How AI Can Take Wearable Tech to New Heights

How AI Can Take Wearable Tech to New Heights

How AI Can Take Wearable Tech to New Heights

Healthcare Technology
Tuesday, October 29, 2019 • PointClear Solutions


The transformative power of artificial intelligence is already enhancing the day-to-day operations at many businesses. As a result, industries as diverse as security, education, and healthcare are radically shifting the way they function. This shift will continue to grow in the coming years with sales of AI-enabled IoT technology projected to reach $9.5 billion by 2024.

Many of these shifts involve collecting vast amounts of data from electronic and wearable devices. This data collection and analysis allows individuals and providers to better manage and improve patient health.

Wearable devices and our health

Until recently, detailed data about our health status may have required a visit to the doctor or extensive tests. While many people get an annual physical, there was previously no easily accessible means to monitor our health and wellness between doctor visits. Wearable devices have changed that, improving users’ ability to manage their health in their daily lives. Wearable tech such as smart watches (and the apps that accompany them) can help healthcare consumers track changes in their weight, exercise, sleep patterns, and even vital health signs, such as heart rate and blood pressure.



AI for enhanced data insights

With the number of connected wearable devices projected to reach 1.1 billion globally by 2022, the wearable market is continually expanding and evolving. As wearable devices proliferate, the data they collect will grow far beyond the point where human beings would have the time to analyze it. Artificial intelligence (AI) applications can sort and analyze data almost instantaneously, opening the opportunity for the healthcare industry to create innovative preventive medicine programs.

AI applications can use their massive computing power to analyze the wearable device data across entire healthcare populations. This data can identify population members at risk for certain diseases and recommend screenings and interventions.

The future of AI + wearables

The future of AI coupled with wearable technology looks increasingly promising. For example, the My-Heart system by Philips Research offers the ability to remotely monitor vital signs and spot changes among patients with existing heart problems. Additionally, the Embrace smart watch is the first medical-grade wearable that can detect signs of an imminent epileptic seizure and trigger an alert.

The world of AI and wearables offers tremendous potential for both the healthcare industry and an individual’s health and wellness. As AI advances, more data can be analyzed for enhanced preventive medicine and actionable insights. With improved connected tech, providers and healthcare consumers can work together on enhanced wellness, better outcomes, and reduced healthcare costs.

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