Basis Education

Basis Education

Tablet App Supports Enhanced Learning Experience with Features Like Assignments, Quick Poll and Results, Cloud Messaging, Remote Sync, and Asset Sharing

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BASIS.ed, a nationally recognized charter school system, wanted to bring technology into all aspects of its curriculum to encourage student engagement and redefine the in-classroom educational experience. BASIS’ teachers and students had long been excited about the analog curriculum being taught, but were hungry for technology beyond traditional computer classes.


PointClear Solutions partnered with BASIS Education to design and build an Android tablet application to enhance learning and communications for teachers and students alike. The collaboration was focused on taking learning beyond the traditional classroom experience by leveraging technology.

The PointClear team compiled data from the kickoff meeting with user research to inform the project’s goals and strategy. This information was also used to support the determination of key features and the creation of both personas and design assets for development.


  • Application Strategy and Roadmap
  • Information Architecture
  • Screen Flow and Navigation
  • User Group Profiles/Scenarios
  • Wireframes, Prototype, & UI Study
  • Android Engineering and Source Code
  • Integration with backend via API


BASIS’ new Android app, featuring separate teacher and student profiles that are navigated from an intuitive login screen with a QR code, is being used by students nationally. It:

  • Supports an enhanced learning experience with built-in features, including Assignments, Quick Poll and Results, Cloud Messaging, Remote Sync, and Asset Sharing;
  • Provides for improved communication between students and educators, encouraging increased levels of engagement across both groups; and
  • By creating a single, integrated mobile app that provides two separate login profiles for teachers and students, the app saved BASIS money – reducing the total cost of development.

PointClear Solutions is currently working on a v2.0 that will incorporate additional product enhancements, including digital textbooks, homework comprehension, and analytics.

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My experience with PointClear Solutions has been excellent. They took the time to understand not only this project, but also our business. Beyond the insightful UI/UX team, talented developers, and excellent customer service, everyone takes pride in what they do. I am happy to have partnered with PointClear on this project, and they will be my first choice on future projects.
—Robert Block, Director, eLearning

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