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GoPivot, founded by pioneers in the behavioral change and fitness industry, saw a need for technology that would help companies achieve safety, wellness, and healthcare cost reduction goals. To accomplish this, they needed a dynamic and engaging user-friendly platform that would provide expert content, motivational challenges, healthy activities, and an incentive model to drive the right behaviors for targeted results.


To equip individuals to improve their health and wellness, GoPivot partnered with PointClear Solutions to strategize, design, develop, integrate, and launch their innovative technology. After extensive research, and interactive consulting sessions, PointClear created a configurable, comprehensive corporate wellness platform to help drive meaningful behavior change for tangible, lasting outcomes.

The GoPivot solution includes a responsive web application, powered by an extensive rules engine that creates relevant challenges, content, and activities for users based on their profile, preferences, interactions, and behaviors. The platform leverages data analytics, artificial intelligence, and behavioral science to encourage engagement and improved health and safety.


The GoPivot technology equips companies to provide fun, motivating ways to engage team members in their long-term health and safety. The emphasis on UX, UI, and design promotes platform adoption and active participation in the programs.

With the user-friendly platform, employees can work more safely, live more healthfully, and earn rewards in the process. Companies have the benefit of enhanced employee health, loyalty, and engagement, OSHA compliance, lower insurance premiums, and more.

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The cutting-edge, user-friendly technology that PointClear Solutions helped us strategize, design, and develop is helping companies and their workforce live safer, healthier lives, and receive valuable rewards all along the way.

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