Case Study – Keenly Health
Case Study – Keenly Health

Case Study – Keenly Health



Keenly Health

Advanced monitoring technology to improve patient coordination and care.

Healthcare Technology



To improve care and population health, Keenly Health saw a need for enhanced remote patient monitoring in assisted living facilities and other healthcare settings. As nurses need to regularly check on patients with minimum disruption, a contactless monitoring platform that accurately tracks data such as vital signs, movement, and visitor presence can provide safer and more comprehensive patient care.


Keenly Health wanted to develop a contactless radar technology and platform to monitor and track patient activity to more quickly and efficiently identify health and behavioral issues. To build their vision, Keenly Health needed to work with a company that had deep clinical and UX expertise, data security knowledge, architecture leadership, and scalability. They partnered with PointClear Solutions to strategize, design, and develop a platform that provides a broader, measurable view of patient health and status to support long-term facilities and caregivers.


The Keenly Health technology is monitoring patient status and signs using contact-free radar. The solution is enabling more efficient staffing, more informed care givers, enhanced compliance, and ultimately better patient care.

As more data is captured, deploying artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) will help further provide intelligent insights to further guide decisions for enhanced care.

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Their scalability, clinical experience, UX expertise, data security knowledge, consulting services, and architecture leadership were all reasons that we partnered with PointClear Solutions. We look forward to continually working together to improve care through technological innovation.

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