Case Study – KeyMe
Case Study – KeyMe

Case Study – KeyMe



Consumer-centric Mobile App Helps KeyMe Storm the Marketplace, Secure $7.8m Series A Funding Round


KeyMe had an innovative solution to the common, everyday problem of losing your keys, but needed a mobile app design and development partner to help bring its idea to life. The company engaged PointClear Solutions to create a mobile application that would allow consumers to capture, store, share, and duplicate their physical keys using a secure, digital scan technology.

Specifically, KeyMe sought a means for:

  • Precision key image capture – Giving consumers the ability to take a quality photo to integrate with computer vision software
  • Digital keychain management capabilities – Allowing users to manage their physical keychains digitally
  • Secure credit card/payment processing functionality
  • Mail order capabilities – Enabling consumers to order physical keys from their digital keychain and receive via mail
  • In-person key duplication support – Providing users the ability to have a locksmith create a duplicate key on the spot


PointClear Solutions began by working with KeyMe to fine tune the feature recommendations and functionality for Version 1 of the product release. Next, a user experience (UX) assessment was conducted and detailed wireframes were created. As a part of the design process, a Style Guide / Mood Board provided the colors, typefaces, textures, etc. that would define the overall branding, look and feel for the mobile application.

PointClear Solutions leveraged agile software development methods throughout the KeyMe build – allowing for iterative and incremental development, and collaboration between self-organizing, cross-functional teams.

“The KeyMe project pushed our team to explore how best to balance the demands of user convenience and security, as it related to key scanning and management within the app,” says David Issa, PointClear Solutions chief experience officer. “This brought about the question: ‘What responsibility and role does UX have in helping ensure security?’ A concept that can often be overlooked in the name of simplification and usability, but also a notion that we have carried forward to this day in all of our projects.”


  • Application strategy and roadmap
  • Information architecture
  • User interface study
  • User group profiles / scenarios
  • Screen flow and navigation
  • Wireframes
  • Prototype
  • Custom key scanning technology
  • Market release of iOS Application


With support from PointClear Solutions (previously Worry Free Labs), KeyMe was able to bring its solution to market in a timely fashion and secure a $7.8m Series A round of funding. Since this time, KeyMe has experienced tremendous success, selling more than 1 million keys to date and securing another $65 million in additional funding.

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Our collaboration with PointClear Solutions for design and development was instrumental in getting KeyMe launched.
—Greg Marsh, CEO

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