Case study – OrthoBanc
Case study – OrthoBanc

Case study – OrthoBanc

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Empowering patients and practices to make better informed financial decisions takes the fear out of purchasing dental work

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Financing any major health or dental procedure can be daunting for patients. The financial partner who can make the process easiest and most accessible for patients ultimately wins their business.


OrthoBanc enlisted PointClear Solutions to design and build a web application that would educate their patients on the true cost of services and help patients identify and acquire the financing solution that best fits their unique needs.

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user experience

Enhanced user experience resulted in an intuitive interface, enabling practices to easily educate patients on their financial options.

Custom financing options increase the likelihood that patients choose to purchase “elective” dental and orthodontic procedures.


Extending accessibility of the application allows potential patients more time to better evaluate their decision, increasing the likelihood of them becoming customers.

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I continue to be extremely impressed with the quality of PointClear’s team, your willingness to listen to our needs and translate that into a high-fidelity product that we are proud to offer our clients

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