Web and mobile apps to help prevent wrong-site surgeries

Healthcare Technology


StartBox™ recognized a critical need to address the more than 4,000 annual occurrences of wrong-site surgery (WSS) in the United States. No existing solution on the market was capable of delivering useful WSS and near miss data to inform quality initiatives within healthcare organizations.


PointClear Solutions worked with StartBox to deliver a ground-up solution by providing digital strategy, design, development, and solution management consulting support. Throughout the project, StartBox leveraged PointClear’s deep understanding of the healthcare industry, startup space and expertise in mobile and cloud solutions.

Key project deliverables for the technology included:

  • Strategy & Design
  • Wireframes, UI Design, Prototype
  • User Story / Journey Map
  • Prioritized Feature & Functionality Set
  • Information Architecture
  • Azure Cloud Services
  • Front / Back End Development of Web & Mobile App
  • QA Testing


The iOS and web applications created by PointClear Solutions helped position StartBox to be the first-to market with a solution for reducing and preventing WSS events. The solution:

  • Effectively implements Joint Commission guidance and encourages systemic compliance
  • Provides accurate and consistent WSS and near miss data to inform organizational quality
    initiatives, including employee training
  • Helps identify the root cause of near misses that could potentially lead to WSS

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