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Mobile patient portal and scheduling app increases demand for clinic services, resulting in expansion of brick and mortar footprint

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Mobile technology is more relevant than ever before. Unfortunately, large, clunky enterprise applications can’t keep up with the fast-paced lives of many patients, who are always on the go. Patient portals need to function in real-time, be interoperable with existing systems, and be accessible anywhere, anytime. If not, user adoption takes a serious hit.


Take Care Health selected PointClear Solutions to develop their web-based application, integrating eligibility verification, real-time appointment scheduling in the EMR, and connection to Walgreens prescription fulfillment system.

Take Care Health Mobile App

Take Care Health selected PointClear to develop their mobile app, prioritizing features for smaller mobile screens.

Take Care Health also selected PointClear to develop their web-based application, managing core administrative functions including eligibility verification, EMR integration for real-time appointment setting and connected to Walgreens prescription fulfillment system.

Direct TV Dashboard Take Care Health
Doctor Finder Mobile Application


accelerate growth

New, attractive, intuitive mobile interface that bolstered use of clinic services.

distributed servers

Interoperability with other applications resulted in a far more valuable solution.

mobile compatability

Compatibility on multiple mobile devices maximized the market reach.

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From our portals to our new mobile apps, we are enabling our clinics to be a complete ecosystem integrating patient, provider, pharmacist and payer. PointClear has been a great partner helping to move these innovations forward. Walgreens is committed to providing convenient and intuitive tools for patients to manage care, prescriptions, and communications with providers.

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