Thyroid Virtual Clinic


Thyroid Virtual Clinic

Providing specialized, accessible care with an innovative telemedicine platform.

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With over 20 million Americans affected by thyroid conditions, Dr. Igor Priven and team recognized a great need in the market for a comprehensive digital health solution. As a board-certified endocrinologist and uniquely credentialed Thyroid Specialist, Dr. Priven knew, with the right treatment plan and support, thyroid patients can successfully manage their condition long-term. To fill the gap between the patient’s ready-access to thyroid specialists and the supporting tools needed to successfully manage their condition, the idea for a virtual clinic was born.


The new platform, Thyroid Virtual Clinic (TVC), would need to provide a user-friendly and engaging experience for both diagnosed thyroid patients and those with possible indications of the disorder. The technology should equip individuals to move from episodic care to long-term ongoing health and wellness management with a proactive patient engagement solution backed by specialized clinicians.

To accelerate the realization of the TVC solution, Dr. Priven and team sought a strategic technology partner with a proven history in healthcare. As a digital health consultancy, PointClear Solutions was selected as the partner of choice for its experience specializing in the strategy, design, development and ongoing maintenance and support of healthcare IT solutions across the U.S.


Thyroid Virtual Clinic provides a comprehensive, user-friendly online platform to equip thyroid patients to effectively manage their health. TVC and its expert clinicians can digitally educate and support patients in their health anytime from anywhere, with a feature-rich condition management platform. By digitally engaging individuals in their health, with a specialized focus on thyroid conditions, TVC can help patients experience enhanced health outcomes long-term.

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With a focus on launching a long-term health management solution, we needed a consultative technology partner with extensive healthcare domain knowledge and experience. PointClear Solutions provides the expert design, development and ongoing maintenance and support for our new Thyroid Virtual Clinic platform. We look forward to continued success together.

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As an overwhelming majority of thyroid patients can manage their health with specialized resources and support, we wanted individuals to have access to a comprehensive virtual clinic. PointClear Solutions helped us accelerate the design and development of our TVC health management solution quickly, helping us offer thyroid patients specialized care, from anywhere.

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