The Digital Classroom: Changing the Student Experience

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Tue Jan 16, 2018

digital classroom technology educationThroughout modern history, technology has been a catalyst for innovation across many ? if not all ? industries, and education is no exception. From the introduction of computers into the classroom in the 1980s to fully-accredited degrees that can be earned exclusively online in the 2000s, technology continues to change the landscape of education as we know it.

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The Demand is Present

Not only has technology made education more accessible, but it?s also making the classroom (from early education to higher education settings) more engaging. To this point, a recent report by McGraw-Hill Education found that a majority of students prefer ? and even expect ? to have digital tools incorporated into their learning. Specifically:

  • 82% of students reported using laptops for homework assignments, compared to 59% for print materials.
  • More than 60% of students agreed that digital learning technology is extremely or very helpful in preparing for exams.
  • 60% of students feel that digital learning technology has improved their grades, with a fifth saying it ?significantly? improved their grades.

Evolving the Learning Experience

From both research and experience, it?s clear that technology has the potential to enhance the learning experience for grade school children, college students, and adult learners alike. By offering technology that continues to advance (versus resting on our laurels), so as to make learning increasingly easier and accessible, students in each of these segments will be more likely to get and stay engaged ? positively impacting student participation, communication, and performance.

What exactly do students (especially college students) want most from edtech? Research from a variety of sources suggests that educators (predicted to spend a whopping $26.8 billion on technology in 2018) should begin with technology that helps students:

  • Take notes
  • Share files
  • Schedule time
  • Monitor grades
  • Message teachers and classmates
  • Manage campus accounts

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