Giving Thanks: Our Team & Customers
Giving Thanks: Our Team & Customers

Giving Thanks: Our Team & Customers


Giving Thanks: Our Team & Customers

June 19, 2020 • PointClear Solutions

Over the past few months, businesses across the U.S. and the globe have been making adjustments to their internal and external processes in response to the pandemic. While everyone has felt the effects of these unprecedented circumstances, small businesses have been especially affected, which is why they need more support than ever before.

Did you know that small businesses make up over 99% of all U.S. employer firms? Even though you might not recognize as many of them by name, they are an anchor for our national economy, as well as our local economies, such as ours in the Brentwood and Nashville, Tennessee area.

PointClear Solutions is fortunate to be backed by a team of hardworking, skilled professionals who commit their time and energy into offering our clients the best consultative and technical services. Without them, we wouldn’t be where we are today. As a small business, we know how difficult it can be to stand out amongst the competition, especially in crowded industries like ours. One way we’ve been able to set ourselves apart is through our growing network of loyal customers and from mentions in national publications, like The Manifest.

The Manifest is a business ratings and company listings website. Thanks to the reviews that our clients have left us on Clutch, we are featured on The Manifest along with several other industry leaders. For example, in one review, a client commended us on our expertise, personable nature, and project management skills. Here’s what they had to say:

“Because of the culture that is within PointClear Solutions, they are able to attract pretty skilled software professionals. Their staff is really friendly, professional, and easy to work with. In general, the process of working and planning with them is pretty smooth.” – Director of Development, Medical Devices Firm

The above and many other client reviews show just the effort and expertise our team members put into their work. We cannot thank them enough for all that they do for us and our clients, thriving even during these unknown times. We would also like to extend special thanks to all our clients who have trusted us over the years with their innovative solutions.

We are committed to putting our best foot forward during these times and going forward to help our clients, fellow small businesses, and others not just make it through, but come out better. If you’re looking for an innovative technology partner to help you solve complex problems, we’re here for you. Reach out to us at any time.


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