Solving for Technology Success – April 2023
Solving for Technology Success – April 2023

Solving for Technology Success – April 2023

Industry Insights

Thought Leadership

Build, Buy, Partner: Buy Focus

Considering your next tech development or upgrade project? Let’s examine what goals, resources and capabilities should be considered before you exercise the BUY option. Learn More 🠢

Client Story: Improving Patient Care with Tech

How did an innovative strategy, design and platform build provide the needed tracking and monitoring tech to help healthcare facilities improve patient care? Learn More 🠢

Tech Enhancing Cancer Treatment

From genetic testing, to screenings, to helping raise awareness and funding for research, how can tech and our own regular habits help with cancer prevention, detection and cures?  Learn More 🠢

News You Can Use

Highlights in Technology & Innovation

AI + Wearables for More Personalized Healthcare

How can enhanced AI coupled with data from wearables and other sources help clinicians provide more personalized healthcare diagnoses and treatments? Read more 🠢

Benefits of RPM

From lowering costs to providing more patient-centric care to improving outcomes, how can RPM technology help patients and clinicians? Read more 🠢

Augmented Reality: Across Industries

Across diverse professions and industries, how can AR provide benefits from better combat training for our protection to an enhanced customer experience? Learn more 🠢

IoT Powering Businesses

From smart homes to connected health to smart shopping and more, how is IoT enhancing our daily activities and how can businesses use it to improve their offerings? Learn more 🠢


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