Solving for Technology Success – August 2020

August 2020

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Extensive Benefits of RPM

From wearables to health apps to condition-monitoring platforms, how can RPM help improve the patient experience and decrease costs for clinicians and payors?

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Machine Learning: A Business Must

How can ML help enhance efficiencies, innovation and revenue while aiding employees to make quicker decisions?

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Telehealth Enhancements

As telehealth utilizations continue to soar, how can the technology improve from a regulatory, logistical, and educational standpoint to expand its success?

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IoT + AI in Healthcare

With AI predicted to save the U.S. $150 billion annually by 2026, how can the tech. help more people receive better care more quickly?

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Industry Insights

Thought Leadership

Healthcare + Voice Tech

Beyond its popularity for personal convenience, how can voice tech. also enhance medical outcomes and the patient experience?

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Client Story: Telehealth Solution

Providing specialized, accessible care with an innovative telemedicine platform and virtual health clinic.

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AI Helping Online Education

With students of all ages now utilizing digital education, how can artificial intelligence and data analytics provide additional benefits to online learning?

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