Solving for Technology Success – August 2021
Solving for Technology Success – August 2021

Solving for Technology Success – August 2021


August 2021

Industry Insights

Thought Leadership

Telehealth Decisions

With more healthcare organizations and patients utilizing virtual health tech than ever before, can your company provide the tools and updates needed?

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Client Story: RPM App

Enhanced remote patient monitoring app equips patients and caregivers with tools to better monitor chronic conditions. The result? Better patient-provider communication, reduced hospital visits, and improved quality of life.

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Med Scanning

Med scanning tech is helping improve care & recovery. How does the technology help detect and diagnose conditions earlier & more accurately? The impact of 3D visualization is Significant 🠢

News You Can Use

Highlights in Technology & Innovation

AI Enhancing RPM Tech

How can the power duo of artificial intelligence + remote patient monitoring encourage healthy behaviors, personalized care and more?

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5G + Patient Care

From expanding RPM and telehealth capabilities to remote surgery possibilities and more, how can 5G enhance patient care?

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Advancing Telemedicine

With the continued acceleration of the use of telehealth, what can companies and providers do to enhance the tech’s impact?

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Deep Reinforcement Learning

From Google to Spotify to the banking industry and more, how is deep reinforcement learning (DRL) being utilized to improve consumer experiences?

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