Solving for Technology Success – February 2021
Solving for Technology Success – February 2021

Solving for Technology Success – February 2021

Solving for Technology Success

February 2021

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The Latest in Technology & Innovation

AI Strengthening Healthcare Relationships

From patient-provider communications to appointment scheduling to diagnosing and treatment, how is AI enhancing healthcare?

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Digital Health Predictions

From healthcare processes to delivery, how will digital health continue its expansion in 2021?

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Data-Driven, Connected Medicine

Through telehealth, chatbots, fitness trackers and more, how can healthcare use data and technology to boost interactions and support?

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IoT + Workplace 2021

From enhancing workplace productivity to optimizing communications, how will IoT in the workplace continue to be an imperative part of business?

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Industry Insights

Thought Leadership

Virtual Health Expansion

Over the past year, healthcare organizations and patients are adopting virtual health tech. more quickly than ever before. How can businesses help meet the demand?

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Client Story: Helping prevent wrong-site surgeries

Web and mobile apps to deliver useful WSS and near miss data to inform quality initiatives and prevent wrong-site surgeries within healthcare organizations.

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Online Education Boom

As online education is occurring from preschool to med school, how can traditional institutions keep pace?

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