Solving for Technology Success – July 2021
Solving for Technology Success – July 2021

Solving for Technology Success – July 2021


July 2021

Industry Insights

Thought Leadership – Best of Summer

Telehealth Decisions

With more healthcare organizations and patients utilizing virtual health tech than ever before, can your company provide the tools and updates needed?

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Client Story: Virtual Clinic

Innovative telehealth and digital clinic solution provide specialized, accessible care to help patients successfully manage their condition.

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Consumer Healthcare Expectations

With consumers expecting personalized experiences across industries, how can healthcare technology help provide customized care to patients?

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News You Can Use

Highlights in Technology & Innovation

IoT + Blockchain

From increasing security to reducing costs, how can IoT + blockchain provide a power duo when integrated together?

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Tech Innovation Challenges

From development mishaps to the challenge of access to buyers in healthcare, what challenges do companies face in innovation and how can partnering with an expert help?

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Gaming in Healthcare

Throughout the world, companies are offering tech and apps to proactively engage consumers in their health. What success have they seen and what can we learn from their offerings?

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AI Helping Clinicians Improve Care

From internal medicine to radiology to specialties like cardiology, how can AI help clinicians work more efficiently while improving patient engagement and care?

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