Solving for Technology Success – June 2020

June 2020

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The Latest in Technology & Innovation

IoT + Contactless Sensor Tech

With RPM predicted to grow 20% annually for years to come, how can noncontact sensor technologies further the evolution?

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Patient Focused Telehealth

With one billion virtual healthcare interactions projected to occur by the end of 2020, what should providers (& tech offerings) focus on for the best patient & clinician experience?

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Empathy in Tech Design

As the need for empathy in all situations continues to be more prevalent, how can you gain a deeper understanding of your end user when designing or updating your tech?

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Wearable Tech Trends

From smart clothing to fitness trackers, the use of wearables and their benefits are extensive. What are the top tech. offerings now & a look into the future?

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Industry Insights

Thought Leadership

Virtual Health: Product Decisions

The recent pandemic both patients and health care professionals are adopting Virtual Health faster than ever before. How can your company meet the demand?

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Client Story: Remote Patient Monitoring

Helping patients manage their heart condition through RPM app + enhanced digital communication tools with caregivers.

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Consumer Expectations + Tech

In the consumer-centric market of today, patients have high expectations. How can tech help provide the customized health care consumers have come to expect?

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