Solving for Technology Success – Spring Edition

May 2020

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Location Based Technology in Healthcare

Can the use of IoT with real-time location technology lead to a new standard of quality & efficiency in healthcare?

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Benefits of RPM

88% of healthcare providers are investing in or evaluating remote patient monitoring and telehealth capabilities to help high-risk and chronically-ill patients.

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Chatbot with Artificial Empathy

A new bot using artificial empathy can make conversations with people more realistic. What are the pros and cons of the tech?

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Discovery Driven Digital Transformation

Does your company have a planned digital strategy? Discover how others are combating digital challenges by applying a new business model.

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Industry Insights

Thought Leadership

Improving Chronic Care Management

With Americans checking their phones 80 times per day, the use of mobile devices for holistic health & chronic condition management have extensive potential.

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Client Story: Improving Patient Access

Optimized apps position HIT company to better serve its payor clients and improve patient access to value-based care.

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Change + Design Thinking

Tech design can make or break its adoption, utilization & ultimately success. What are key considerations before your next project?

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