Solving for Technology Success – May 2021
Solving for Technology Success – May 2021

Solving for Technology Success – May 2021

Solving for Technology Success

May 2021

Industry Insights

Thought Leadership

IoMT: Future of Healthcare Delivery

From wearables to smart home devices to sensors and beyond, how will connected health through IoMT enhance the future of delivery and care?

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Client Story: RPM + Contactless Tech

How can contactless tech and remote patient monitoring help guide care decisions to enhance patient care and improve staff efficiencies?

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Voice Tech in Healthcare

From med adherence to managing chronic conditions, how can voice technology enhance healthcare?

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News You Can Use

Highlights in Technology & Innovation

IoMT Enhancing Healthcare

With the IoMT market expected to quintuple to over $254 billion by 2026, how can the tech be utilized to enhance the patient experience at home and at healthcare facilities?

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AI + ML 2021 Predictions

Across operations, departments and industries, how is artificial intelligence and machine learning predicted to advance in 2021?

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CEO Focus on IoT

With IoT experiencing significant growth across industries, what should CEOs and other leaders focus on for successful programs?

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Blockchain Enhancing Operations

From data security to resourcing to transparency, how can blockchain technology help healthcare and other industries?

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