Solving for Technology Success – October 2022
Solving for Technology Success – October 2022

Solving for Technology Success – October 2022


October 2022

Industry Insights

Thought Leadership


Buzzword, recycled concept or essential process? Let’s explore what future-proofing is and how it can be used strategically advance your solutions, team and tech.
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Client Story: Preventing Unnecessary Healthcare Encounters

From digital strategy to design, development and solution management, how did the PointClear team help produce and support an imperative tech to prevent wrong-site surgeries?
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School’s In Session

From universities to pre-schools, technology is playing a bigger part in education across the ages. How as tech use evolved and what can we look forward to in the future for life-long learners?
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News You Can Use

Highlights in Technology & Innovation

AI + ML in Healthcare’s Future

Can artificial intelligence and machine learning work to make healthcare more affordable, efficient and personalized for enhanced outcomes?
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Telehealth Helping with Clinician Shortage

With over 60% of clinicians feeling burned out and many planning to exit the stressful field, how can remote care technology help alleviate some of the burden?
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IoT + Edge Computing

With the boom of IoT devices globally and the large growth of edge computing, how can the two technologies work with each other to enhance tech performance and user experience?
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Tech Investments: Finding the Balance

Using a strategic, collaborative approach, how is a major health system is approaching adding new technologies for an improved and less costly experience?
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