Solving for Technology Success – October 2023
Solving for Technology Success – October 2023

Solving for Technology Success – October 2023

Industry Insights

Thought Leadership

Cancer Awareness and Treatment: Tech to Help

In recognition of breast cancer awareness month, what technologies can and will help with cancer prevention, detection and treatment? Learn More 🠢

Client Story: Leaders Share Their Experiences

From start-ups to well-established enterprises, what do company leaders have to say about their design, development, strategy and implementation experiences with PointClear? Learn More 🠢

Application Management Services: Freeing You Up

Maintaining and supporting business software applications can be resource-intensive and often overwhelming. What if you could outsource the work and management to leading experts? Learn More 🠢

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Highlights in Technology & Innovation

Help Them, Help You

How can tech companies provide better “friction-reducing” and personalized tech to support clinicians in the care they offer, providing long-term benefits for them and the patients they serve? Read more 🠢

IoT Across Industries

With the IoT market predicted to be over $1 trillion this year globally, how is the tech enhancing business across diverse industries and our everyday personal life too? Read more 🠢

VR + Telehealth for Patient Care

From helping with mental health to addiction to pain management and more, how are VA healthcare organizations utilizing virtual visits and tech to enhance patient care and experiences? Learn more 🠢

AI for Healthcare Leaders

Artificial intelligence is playing an increasing larger role in healthcare. How can the tech specifically help clinical and nursing roles with the care they provide now and in the future? Learn more 🠢


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