Solving for Technology Success – October 2020

October 2020

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Looking Ahead: Innovation 2021

With “healthcare spending projected to make up 19.7% of US gross domestic product (GDP) by 2028” how are key trends predicted to affect digital healthcare?

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Wearables Rise

From virtual visits to remote patient monitoring to personalized care, how are wearables improving healthcare and what challenges remain?

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IoT + AI Insights

How will global businesses continue to adapt to new tech with “79% of enterprises adopting IoT see AI as either a core or a secondary component of their strategy”?

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Healthcare’s Next Tech Goal?

From lower care costs to enhanced outcomes, how can digital quality measurement improve healthcare?

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Industry Insights

Thought Leadership

Tech + Football

While football fandom might look different this year, how are sensors, apps and equipment enhancing the game from strengthening player performance to increasing safety?

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Client Story: Patient Portal

How does an integrated mobile app enhance patient engagement and increase demand for clinic services?

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Secure Med Images

With more medical information than ever being exchanged online, how can technology help keep information secure while enhancing the patient/provider relationship?

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