Solving for Technology Success – October 2021
Solving for Technology Success – October 2021

Solving for Technology Success – October 2021


October 2021

Industry Insights

Thought Leadership

Learning in the Digital World

From preschools to med schools and professional continuing education, how has technology shaped the way we receive our education experiences?

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Client Story: Patient Access App

Enhanced apps help healthcare consumer engagement company offer improved patient access to value-based care.

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Tech + Sports

From apps to sensors to wearables, how is technology enhancing the game of football from a safety and performance perspective?

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News You Can Use

Highlights in Technology & Innovation

Wearables: Beyond the Watch

Beyond the traditional wearable benefits of tracking real-time vitals and wellness efforts, what are the extensive possibilities of wearable tech. from sensors, to artificial skin to smart glasses, and beyond? Stanford University shares their research:

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AR & VR: Continued Expansion

From healthcare to entertainment to education and retail, what are the benefits and challenges of augmented and virtual reality?

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Medical Data + AI

How can the use of data and artificial intelligence enable quicker interventions, earlier treatments, enhanced patient outcomes and more?

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Deep Reinforcement Learning

How can technology bridge the gap of healthcare payments, enabling patient cost transparency and helping providers receive more timely payments?

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