Solving for Technology Success – September 2020

September 2020

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The Latest in Technology & Innovation

Innovations to Improve Healthcare

From artificial intelligence to virtual reality to wearables, how are innovative technologies impacting healthcare now and in the future?

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Telehealth: What’s Next?

With up to 90% of physicians estimated to be using some form of telehealth, how can the tech be optimized for continued impact?

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IoT Fueling New Normal

How is IoT and AI helping diverse industries from healthcare to government to corporations to education cope in current times?

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Contactless Tech for Safer Healthcare

From reducing the spread of diseases and enhancing data analyzation – how can contactless tech improve healthcare?

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Industry Insights

Thought Leadership

IoT + Healthcare

With more than two-thirds of medical devices estimated to share information by 2023, how can IoT help provide actionable insights for healthcare?

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Client Story: Wellness Platform

Using AI, data analytics and behavioral science to improve employee engagement, health and safety.

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Enhancing Healthcare Pricing Transparency

With the need for patients to be able to make value-based decisions, what price transparency tools are helping now and into the future?

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