Solving for Technology Success – Spring Edition

Spring 2020 • April 7, 2020

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The Latest in Technology & Innovation

Using AI for Good

Beyond productivity and profits, what is being done to build AI solutions for global good & to combat some of society’s biggest challenges?

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Wearables for Wellness

With the fitness tech. wearable market projected to be over $23 billion by 2025, how will we likely track & share personal healthcare information in the future?

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ML to Detect Emotion?

Beyond speech and image recognition patterns, can artificial intelligence be used to pinpoint human emotion, just by the way someone walks?

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Voice Technology

With an upcoming estimated 21.6 million smart speaker purchases, how can voice technology be improved to enhance its adoption and impact?

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Industry Insights

Thought Leadership

Build, Buy or Partner?

What key things should you consider when making the build, buy or partner decision for your unique solution?

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Client Story: Remote Patient Monitoring

Advanced RPM and contactless radar technology are improving patient care & staff efficiency. How are intelligent insights helping guiding care decisions?

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RPM & Telehealth for Better Care

With over 50 million poised to use remote monitoring by 2021, the beneficial uses are widespread for consumers, healthcare organizations & businesses.

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