Solving for Technology Success – Winter Edition

Winter 2020 • February 13, 2020

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The Latest in Technology & Innovation

Staying Competitive in AI Age

“Whether you’re leading a digital start-up or working to revamp a traditional enterprise, it’s essential to understand the revolutionary impact AI has on operations, strategy, and competition.”

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Chatbots: Past, Present, Future

Artificial intelligence and machine learning continue to enhance chatbots across industries. How does the technology work and what’s to come?

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IoT + Smart Devices

From gas, to water, to electric – how can IoT make energy use more efficient?

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Psychology’s Big Role in UI/UX

UX is one of the most important aspects of any product. How can designing with an end user’s psychology in mind drive the tech adoption and utilization.

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Industry Insights

Thought Leadership

Voice Technology + Healthcare

The voice tech industry is projected to quadruple its revenue by 2022. Beyond its popularity for personal convenience, can the tech also enhance our healthcare experience and outcomes?

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Client Story: Patient Portal & Scheduling

Using a strategic and interactive mobile app to increase demand for services, enhance patient engagement, and expand the brick and mortar footprint.

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Progressive Web Apps

Beyond downloadable native apps, how can businesses further enhance their digital offerings to attract new customers and gain additional revenue? Enter a PWA.

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