Healthcare Technology


Healthcare delivery is demanding. Hospitals, health systems, physician groups, and other healthcare providers are faced with pressures to improve efficiency, cut costs, and to adapt to ever-evolving technological advances. More than ever, skilled advisors for counsel and specialized expertise are needed to address these complex challenges. PointClear is the technology partner healthcare providers rely on to accelerate innovation and deliver solutions that work.


  • Acquisition & Retention
  • Experience & Satisfaction
  • Health & Wellness
  • Disease Management


  • Telehealth
  • Home Health
  • Care Coordination
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Operational & Clinical Workflow Optimization
  • Cloud & Infrastructure Technology


  • Revenue Cycle Management
  • Value-Based Payment
  • Alternative Payment Models
  • Cost Transparency


  • Quality of Care Measures
  • Machine Learning
  • Financial & Clinical Decision-Support
  • Reporting, Analytics & Business Intelligence (BI)


  • HIPAA Compliance
  • FDA & Digital Health
  • Medical Mobile Apps
  • Cybersecurity

*The above-listed challenges are only a representative listing of the areas where PointClear may be able to help.


We deliver what we promise. PointClear has earned a reputation for delivering superior results and doing it the right way. Having completed hundreds of projects over the course of 12+ years, we have enjoyed the opportunity to be involved with a lot of innovative and interesting work, all designed to streamline and advance the delivery of healthcare services. We encourage you to check out a sampling of our portfolio of work.

Take Care Health Mobile App
PointClear client digital health
Medecision PointClear IT consulting
Clinically Home PointClear UX development


Having an experienced partner matters. At PointClear Solutions, we are healthcare technology experts who understand the field known for its evolving and complex regulatory landscape, risk management challenges, growing competition, and reimbursement struggles. Our solution offering is based on our 12+ years in the business and experience-driven understanding of both current and anticipated future needs in the healthcare provider market.

  • Technology Assessment, Strategy & Planning
  • New Product & Service Definition
  • Growth Strategies
  • System Implementation & Optimization?
  • Mobile, IoT, & Digital Healthcare Consulting
  • Cloud & Infrastructure Consulting
  • Regulatory & Standards Advice
  • and others…
  • Design Envisioning & Prototyping
  • UX/UI Services
  • Multi-Platform Software Development
  • Cross-System Unified Navigation Development
  • Testing & Quality Assurance
  • Solution Infrastructure & Hosting
  • Product Roadmap & Solution Portfolio Management
  • and others…
  • Solution Launch/Release Management
  • Application Management Services
  • Solution Maintenance & Support
  • Product Defect Management
  • Cloud & Infrastructure Management Services
  • Testing & Quality Assurance
  • and others…


Identifying an optimal team is not a one-size fits all concept. At PointClear, we strive to understand your strategic needs and build a collaborative team based on relevant experiences, varied skillsets, points-of-view, and interpretations of what’s going on in the space. Our flexible team modeling has been proven to enhance communication and accelerate both ideas and implementations.

  • Complete Project Execution & Delivery
  • Market and Competitive Research
  • Idea to Invisioning
  • Implementation to Launch
  • Holistic Design Thinking Model
  • Architected for Scale
  • Long-Term Application Management
  • Blended Team with Optimal Skills
  • Joint Project and Portfolio Management
  • Increased Velocity
  • Cross-Functional Deliverables
  • Dedicated UX Design Direction
  • Architecture and Technology Acceleration
  • Automated Testing
  • UX/UI/Engagement Designers
  • Senior Technologists/Architects
  • Front-End Engineers
  • Mobile Engineers
  • Business and Solutions Analysts
  • Interoperability Experts
  • Advanced Quality Assurance Experts


A shared awareness and understanding of the more significant happenings in the market is important. At PointClear, we like to highlight relevant experiences, points-of-view, and interpretations of what’s going on in the space from those who live it day-to-day including our clients, partners, and other experts in the field. We hope you find these perspectives valuable.

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