For Medical Device & Pharma Players,
Digital Transformation Is a Must

Healthcare Technology
Tue Dec 5, 2017

digital transformation for medical device and pharmaDigital is disrupting industries ranging from education and transportation to financial services and retail. Among those experiencing the greatest change (or, to lean on a buzzword, transformation)? Healthcare.

Within healthcare, efforts by providers and payers to embrace digital transformation have been well chronicled and many years in the making, thanks in part to government-mandated initiatives like the HITECH Act. While medical device and pharma players have lagged in comparison, research shows they increasingly understand that ? to remain relevant and competitive in their respective markets ? they must reinvent themselves as digital health companies.

To this point, the majority (64%) of life-sciences executives say digital transformation is a priority of the highest importance. In addition, 1 in 4 life-sciences leaders believe that digital will have the greatest impact on their R&D organization in becoming more patient-focused (a strategic priority fueling the digital health movement).




So, how can medical device and pharmacy companies effectively transform into the digital health companies today?s marketplace demands? According to the technology experts at PointClear Solutions, they must consistently deliver four key things:

  1. Smart, personalized, interoperable (i.e. connectable) products;
  2. Delightful user experiences, whether the target audience is patients, payers, providers, and/ or other caregivers (Tip: Let design thinking lead the way.);
  3. Improved processes that save time, energy, and money; and
  4. Real-time, advanced analytics that are easy to digest and take action on.

It?s also critical that medical device and pharmacy leaders stay up-to-date on industry / regulatory standards and have a voice in how they evolve.

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