Meet David Karabinos

Healthcare Technology
Tue Sep 26, 2017

This story was originally published on VoyageATL.

DKToday we?d like to introduce you to David Karabinos.

David, please share your story with us. How did you get to where you are today?

The first 20 years of my career were spent in corporate America, primarily with enterprise technology organizations, IT service providers, and large consulting firms.

While I learned how to build and deploy technology as a strategic asset, I also learned how to build and motivate teams to do great things. I learned how to manage organizations, financials, sales, and customers.

During this same time, I always had side projects ? passion projects. Through these I was, in effect, learning how to become an entrepreneur. About 20 years ago, I left the corporate world to become a full-time entrepreneur. In terms of success, I?ve had a failure, a single and a double (to lean on a baseball metaphor), and ? in 2006 ? I hit my home run.

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