How Mobile Apps Will Change The Healthcare Landscape

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How Mobile Apps Will Change The Healthcare Landscape

April 15, 2014 ? Posted by David K.

The healthcare industry has seen a wave of coerced technology adoption in just the past few years due to the onset of the Affordable Care Act and other mandated policies. So what?s on the horizon for healthcare technology innovation? It will have a lot to do with healthcare consumers and how they can better access and manage their own care.

Photo courtesy of Techonomy

I recently gave an interview for Techonomy about how mobile technologies will help define the future of healthcare innovation and the industry as a whole. In the article, I discuss how mobile applications will play a crucial role in driving the industry towards patient engagement, giving consumers more control of their care and more responsibility for their health. ?The trend towards patient engagement calls for well-made healthcare technology that is user-centered and easy to use. In my opinion, mobile apps fit the bill perfectly. We?ve been hearing about terms like mHealth, telehealth, and digital health for some time, but we?re only now getting to a point where these emerging technologies will really start shaking the industry.

The key to success will rely heavily on the ability of health IT companies to create these?patient-facing mobile apps?with the healthcare user experience in mind and to make them widely available to the consumer. You can check out the full Techonomy interview here.

If you?d like to learn more about what other health IT innovations are on the horizon, sign up for this Wednesday?s Innovation & Investment Webinar where I?ll be interviewing 3 venture capitalists about this timely topic.




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