Mobile vs Web: Is the Patient Portal Dying?

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Mobile vs Web: Is the Patient Portal Dying?

April 22, 2014 ? Posted by David Karabinos

Patient portals provide a means of communication between care providers and patients. But are these web-based portals always the best solution?

Web-based portals are great for displaying lots of data and particularly useful in cases when a patient may need detailed, in-depth information about a condition or treatment. However, there are a number of areas where these portals fall short. They?re expensive to maintain and often times difficult to navigate and use. Additionally, by design, patients have limited access to web-based portals.

Mobile app solutions make healthcare on-demand, so to speak. Refilling prescriptions, scheduling appointments, etc. are all tasks where mobile apps would obviously excel. Granted, it?s unlikely that mobile applications will ever entirely replace web-based patient portals, but there?s definitely a void that they can and are filling. In my opinion, the optimal solution will be a mobile application that seamlessly compliments a web-based portal, providing consumers with an alternative patient-facing tool that is easier to use and more accessible on the go. Eventually, mobile apps may overtake patient portals as the primary interface for patients to engage in.




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