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PointClear Solutions Named Top Mobile App Developer

Thu?Aug?25, 2016 ? Posted by Kevin?L.
top mobile app developer atlanta

PointClear Solutions has been designing, building and managing the world?s best performing healthcare software and mobile applications since 2006. We?ve had a lot of success over that time and have served a wide range of clients whose business and positive word-of-mouth have fueled our success.

Recently, we were further recognized through our inclusion in a list of the top mobile application developers in Atlanta. That?s a significant accomplishment, especially given the number of firms and individuals that have entered this space over the past 10 years.

Clutch, a research firm, headquartered in Washington, D.C., recently named us to this list after conducting exhaustive research. Their analysis is based on more than 12 qualitative and quantitative factors that they use to assess each agency?s performance. In addition, they take the time to speak directly to the clients of the companies they review. Our clients came through!

As one client, a product manager for a payment processing platform, said:

?You can find developers anywhere, but developers that take the time and care about what they?re coding and think about what they?re coding is rare. I?ve got a team [in PointClear Solutions] that I can rely on. I don?t have to worry about it.?


Another client, a Fortune 100 drug retailer, said:

?They have been great partners to work with in terms of their ownership and overall flexibility.?

Our focus on healthcare and the healthcare user experience sets us apart and ensures that we?re attuned to our niche market?s unique needs.

With offices in Atlanta, New York, Nashville, and Birmingham, we have local teams throughout the Health IT corridor. Want to learn more? Contact Us.


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