Security in the age of connected things

Healthcare Technology
Thu May 3, 2018 ? Michael Atkins

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IoT devices are everywhere ? in our homes, in our cars, on our bodies and, increasingly, in many corners of healthcare. According to one report, the market for connected devices in healthcare will reach $117 billion by 2020.

Exciting? Definitely. But developing a new healthcare IoT device ? and keeping it secure over the long term ? isn’t without its obstacles, especially when you consider that getting it right can mean the difference between life and death.

In this webinar, geared toward technology leaders and product managers, PointClear Solutions’ Vice President of Technical Services Michael Atkins?explored critical considerations for each stage in the device lifecycle ? from initial strategy, design, and development to data security and software management over the long term. Specifically, he addressed:

  • The impact of prioritizing security before, during, and after product development
  • The importance of human factors, like leadership and corporate culture
  • The right amount of cybersecurity detail for your FDA submission
  • Securely connecting to an enterprise system, where everyone may (or may not) be on the same page
  • Ways to protect your end users and hardware partners from themselves

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About Michael Atkins, VP of Technical Services

Michael Atkins joined PointClear Solutions in February 2017 having spent 20 years delivering software solutions and leading software teams. He has lead teams at companies like Walgreens and Change Healthcare with a major focus on healthcare IT. Michael has delivered solutions in the provider and payer healthcare domains as well as manufacturing and service industries. He enjoys building world-class teams and finding opportunities to leverage cutting-edge technologies to maximize value to clients. Michael graduated from Mississippi State University and calls Nashville, TN home.

About PointClear Solutions

PointClear Solutions is a leading digital health consulting company with offices in Nashville, Atlanta, Birmingham, and New York.?We have more than 10 years? experience in providing mobile and web-based application strategy, design, development, and management services for clients worldwide, including healthcare industry powerhouses like McKesson/Change Healthcare, Walgreens, St. Jude Medical/Abbott, and the CDC. To date, the PointClear Solutions team has successfully completed more than 500 engagements of various sizes and complexities, helping our clients improve clinical outcomes, encourage population health, expand market share, and drive revenue.? For more information on how we?re creating innovative software to serve provider, payer, pharmacy, and medical device markets, visit pointclearsolutions.com.


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