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Developing A Robust Mobile & Web App Strategy

With the tremendous surge in smartphone use over the last few years, it?s vital that your healthcare app functions flawlessly across both web and mobile devices. At PointClear Solutions, we build best-in-class healthcare mobile applications that work seamlessly ? no matter where, when, or how they?re used.

Creating a Web and Mobile Strategy for Your Healthcare App
It all starts with understanding your needs and creating a solid strategy for bringing your healthcare mobile technology apps to market. We?ll work with you to understand:

  • The market ? what else is out there and how your proposed healthcare mobile app(s) fits in
  • Your target user and their specific needs.
  • The functionality of your healthcare app and what, exactly, you need it to do.
  • How the app fits into your business ? the alignment of the app with your overall business strategy.
  • The expected inputs and outputs for the app ? where they are coming from, how they are processed, and what happens to the information.

Determining the Right Approach to App Design and Development
Once we understand your overall healthcare application strategy, we can determine our approach.

  • Build versus buy. Providing advice on whether it?s best to purchase supporting technology, build it, or some combination of both.
  • Conceptualizing and inception. Working closely to help determine the necessary functionality of the app.
  • Technology stack. Identifying the best combination of technology for your app to provide the right balance of speed, efficiency, user experience, and responsiveness.
  • Integration. Ensuring your mobile healthcare app integrates seamlessly with your existing technologies.
  • User research. Talking with your users to understand, capture, and document their specific needs.
  • UI and UX Design. Working with you, your stakeholders, and your app users to design, create, and prototype a solution that works for everyone.
  • Iteration. Using an iterative, agile approach to tweak and refine the app.

A Closer Look: User Experience Design Strategy
Application functionality and design are driven by the needs of the user. This is even more vital when it comes to providing healthcare apps for physicians, other medical professionals, or patients. We hone in on user experience (UX) when building your app:

  • Interviews, and qualitative and quantitative research to categorize, prioritize, and build needed functionality.
  • Persona development to find use cases and ideal users.
  • Dedicated user experience strategy to put responsiveness, design, and ease-of-use front and center.

A Closer Look: Mobile Development Strategy
Our mobile development strategy brings the user experience to life.

  • Development lifecycle. Regular collaboration with and check-ins between UI, design (visual and UX), and development.
  • Platform development. Native app development for iOS, Android, and the web.
  • Responsive design. Flawless testing and execution across multiple devices, configurations, and environments.

Strategic Support and Guidance
There are several other areas where we?re well qualified to provide expert guidance and support on healthcare mobile apps strategy.

  • Infrastructure. Understanding the integration with, and impact on, your existing infrastructure.
  • Implementation roadmap. Refining and honing your product, development, and implementation roadmap to optimize scope, quality, budget, and time to delivery.
  • Regulatory and compliance. HIPAA and other regulations and compliance needs for healthcare.
  • Privacy and security. Ensuring proper security controls and privacy safeguards are a part of your mobile apps.

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