From healthcare cloud development to interoperability and enterprise mobile app development, PointClear Solutions is your trusted partner for custom design and development in the healthcare industry.

We are uniquely qualified in the areas of:

PointClear Solutions Icon Internet of Medical Things

PointClear Solutions Icon Connected Care / Connected Health

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PointClear Solutions Icon Virtual Care & Telehealth

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Our clients include health IT solution providers, medical device companies, healthcare delivery organizations, and clinicians.  We partner with innovators to accelerate bringing solutions to life – and to market.

We’re flexible.  From modernizing existing legacy systems to developing innovative next-generation solutions from the ground up.  We partner at any level.  From providing select expertise for specific tasks to a “done-for-you” turn-key solution based on your requirements, we’ve got you covered.

“Our partnership with PointClear helped us shape the vision, strategy, and product development plan for our ground-breaking Care Estimator™ solution. In collaboration with the Navicure team, PointClear designed and built the solution, helping us get to market faster and having a significant impact on our business.”

—Jim Denny, Board Chair, Navicure