What We Deliver


Today’s IT environments are highly complex, involving an ever-growing number of systems, tools, data, and vendors. Managing these can be overwhelming and distracts resources who could otherwise be focusing instead on creating business value and driving innovation.

Companies that want to remain agile in today’s dynamic business and technology environment need to rethink its application management.  Needs go well beyond simply “keeping up” through reactive management where acute problems are addressed on a case-by-case basis. Proactively planned courses of action that anticipate changes with actionable insights are required for companies to stay ahead.

PointClear’s Application Management Services (AMS) provide its clients with comprehensive and personalized external support as an extension of its internal team. PointClear’s AMS covers the full range of needs from incident and change management to updates and releases. This provides clients with the peace of mind that its applications and infrastructure will perform at an optimal level.

PointClear’s Application Management Services (AMS) include:

PointClear Solutions Icon Advanced Technical Support

PointClear Solutions Icon Performance Measurement and Performance Optimization

PointClear Solutions Icon Issue Resolution

PointClear Solutions Icon Development Operations (DevOps)

PointClear Solutions Icon Planned Maintenance

PointClear Solutions Icon Release Management

By tailoring its application management services to the client’s exact needs, including both dedicated and shared resources, PointClear boosts the cost efficiency of its client’s functional and technical application management services.  PointClear works closely with the client’s team to deliver the impactful results critical to its business strategy.

Key benefits:

  • Fully transparent and pragmatic outsourcing of application and infrastructure services
  • Partner with in-depth technology and industry knowledge and experience
  • Clear and transparent service level objectives
  • Aligned Solutions Manager as a centralized point-of-contact
  • Aligned Executive Sponsor to ensure alignment with mission objectives
  • Optimal resource balance (skillsets and allocation)

“The PointClear team is very talented and excellent at what they do. The quality of the assets and material they produced was well above expectations and, at the end of the project, our company was impressed and satisfied with the project.”

—Raffaello Zucco, Vice President, Product Strategy, MDLIVE