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What We Deliver – Healthcare Data and Intelligence

What We Deliver – Healthcare Data and Intelligence

Lots of data is generated across the continuum of healthcare.  This is often referred to as “big data” in the IT world and it can be useless if not collected and connected.  This large amount of data creates both a challenge and an opportunity.

Many traditional technologies cannot handle high levels of data volume.  But the data tells an important story.  At PointClear, we understand how to harness the power of data and intelligence to streamline the flow of information.

This is accomplished through:

Data Collection and Data Analytics

Data Visualization and Business Intelligence (BI)

Data Exchange/ Data Integration

Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning (ML)

System Interoperability

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

PointClear’s experts understand data is valuable, but only when it provides information that can be used.  We can help develop systems that turn raw data into streamlined information that can be quickly assimilated.  A sound strategy requires an understanding of the healthcare industry and the potential uses of collected data in the future.

Whether you need a custom-built solution or are looking to integrate with an available data analytics and intelligence solution such as Tableau, Qlik, or Snowflake, PointClear can help.

“The team at PointClear was agile, professional and thorough. Through a systemic review of our clients, users and stakeholders, they helped synthesize the intent of our product. Equipped with this deeper understanding of our application, PointClear helped us dramatically refactor the user experience. Deliverables produced from this engagement have fit right into our roadmap and our development sprints.”

—Philip Matkovsky, CIO, GetWell Network