What We Deliver


Your software application isn’t done once it’s deployed.  That’s why PointClear offers ongoing Application Management Services (AMS).  PointClear’s AMS offering is designed to ensure that both current and future evolutions of your product are performing as expected, well maintained, and supported.

We will work with you over the long-term, giving you peace of mind.

PointClear’s Application Management Services (AMS) include:

PointClear Solutions Icon Advanced Technical Support

PointClear Solutions Icon Performance Measurement and Performance Optimization

PointClear Solutions Icon Issue Resolution

PointClear Solutions Icon Development Operations (DevOps)

PointClear Solutions Icon Planned Maintenance

PointClear Solutions Icon Release Management

Our team of seasoned and highly skilled architects, engineers, product analysts and UX/UI designers come together to deliver complete software Application Management Services to support your near and long-term success.

“The PointClear team is very talented and excellent at what they do. The quality of the assets and material they produced was well above expectations and, at the end of the project, our company was impressed and satisfied with the project.”

—Raffaello Zucco, Vice President, Product Strategy, MDLIVE