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What We Do – Cloud Migration and Development

What We Do – Cloud Migration and Development

The adoption of cloud technology in healthcare has been increasing at a frenetic pace.  As more organizations look to refactor their processes and applications for better and efficient use of the cloud, cloud providers continue to evolve their platforms with more services.  These services have advanced beyond trusted data storage as they include full-stack operations and strategic services like artificial intelligence and machine learning.

PointClear’s cloud development services can enable organizations to quickly innovate, improvise, and scale to meet the market’s changing demands. Our expert cloud architects, developers, and quality assurance engineers leverage the best technology to deliver excellence over a wide range of solutions.  Our proven cloud adoption and migration strategies help organizations quickly build, test, and deploy cloud apps.

Benefits to cloud-based development include:

Seamless cloud migrations

Future proof architecture

Solution performance optimization

Enhanced Security

Flexible data storage


Many of our clients take advantage of cloud-based technologies.  It’s reliable, secure, and usually cost less than on-premise, in-house options.  Our experience with all the primary cloud service providers (Amazon Web Service (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud) can help us guide you in making the right decision for your needs.

“As an overwhelming majority of thyroid patients can manage their health with specialized resources and support, we wanted individuals to have access to a comprehensive virtual clinic. PointClear Solutions helped us accelerate the design and development of our TVC health management solution quickly, helping us offer thyroid patients specialized care, from anywhere.”

—Igor Priven, MD, Medical Director and CEO, THYROID VIRTUAL CLINIC