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What We Do – Internet of Medical Things (IoMT)

What We Do – Internet of Medical Things (IoMT)

Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) is the combination of medical devices and software applications that connect to healthcare information systems through networking technologies.  IoMT or Healthcare Internet of Things (IoT) is a specialized branch of Internet of Things and is not only among the fastest growing aspects of PointClear’s business but also in healthcare overall.

Using PointClear’s IoMT Application & Software Development, IoMT offers many advantages to both healthcare providers and their patients. The benefits include fast and more accurate diagnoses, efficient healthcare service delivery, and cost reductions.

The following are a few components that bring IoMT to life:

Sensor-Based Tools

Real-Time Location Monitoring

Clinical – Grade Wearables

Emergency Response Systems

Point-Of-Care Devices

Kiosks / Dispensing Cabinets

Smart medical devices can improve healthcare capacity and quality.  However, these are only a part of a complete system. The total solution is dependent upon a software component that can be integrated with the ecosystem of existing systems.

PointClear can help bridge the gap between technological advances and healthcare delivery.  With our Internet of Medical Things Application Development, we work with you to update your existing system or to build something new from the ground up.  With PointClear, new technology projects that push the envelope forward aren’t challenges, they’re solutions.

“Everyone I’ve dealt with at PointClear has been very professional and well credentialed. We’ve always appreciated that they really
understand the space we’re in. That attribute is very helpful when we’re designing workflow – to have
people with some healthcare and clinical background and experience.”

—Jonathan Conley, Product Manager, Change Healthcare