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What We Do – Virtual Health

What We Do – Virtual Health

Healthcare is expanding from the medical office to the mainstream of our daily lives. As medical and communication technologies advance, new modes of healthcare delivery become possible, such as mHealth. A great example is a “virtual visit” between a provider and patient that can occur without being physically in the same location. Using a mobile app for health monitoring, this emerging approach to healthcare services improves the patient’s access to care, health awareness, and quality of care.

Remote Patient Monitoring Solutions

Remote patient monitoring software allows physicians to monitor patient’s health outside of a traditional hospital setting. With PointClear’s remote patient monitoring app development, we ensure the information between patient and physician is easier than ever.

Telehealth Application Development

Telemedicine allows long-distance patient and clinician contact, advice, care, education, reminders, intervention, monitoring, and remote admissions. PointClear’s Telemedicine application development takes into account the user experience and everything the patient and clinician would need.

Virtual Health and Connected Health are being realized through:

Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM)

Communication Technology

Wearable technology

Medical Device Integration

Secure messaging

Healthcare System Interoperability

Virtual care is a key component of the future vision of healthcare interoperability and delivery.  This level of connected healthcare has the capacity to inform, personalize, accelerate, and augment both prevention and care. In an ever-changing healthcare and technology environment, PointClear Solutions, as an experienced and proven leader in the field, should be a part of your team.

“PointClear did an exceptional job supporting the creation of our enabling technologies for Clinically Home. PointClear has been a key partner to us providing solution strategy, user experience and development capabilities which will make the difference in our offering.”

—Jason Grant, CTO, Clinically Home

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