What?s after the Meaningful Use Hangover?

Healthcare Technology

What?s after the Meaningful Use Hangover?

Mar 26, 2014 ? Posted by David K

We are experiencing the greatest forced implementation of technology adoption man has ever experienced ? in any industry.

Although the federal government?s meaningful use incentive program has been the driving force for healthcare IT adoption, it can be argued that it has wetted the appetite of healthcare provider organizations for technology. But how will they respond once the hangover sets it?

Come 2017, the MU program will begin winding down, at which point it will be interesting to see what will happen. The central question is will the industry be fatigued and resistant to change as in the past or will it clamor for more?

Since no other business sector has gone down this road, it is hard to know for sure how healthcare organizations will respond once MU ends. However, given that some organizations have already proven to be early adopters while others have staunchly committed to maintaining the status quo, it is reasonable to expect that one-third of the industry will continue its enthusiasm for technology and embrace further innovation; another third will be worn out by the mammoth MU effort and refrain from further innovation; and the final third will probably pick and choose how they innovate based on a series of factors, including cost, possible benefits and how the technology advances strategic priorities.

I recently authored and article on this in Healthcare IT News. ?Check out the full article here.



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