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Tue Oct?11, 2016 ? Posted by Neal?E.

Congratulations, You?re Now a Software Company

You?re a product owner. You just led a 10-month project to design and deliver the next-generation software platform that will crush your competition and make your customers deliriously happy. The market is buzzing with excitement, and your customers are clamoring to sign up (?here, take our money!?). Now what?

Software is a Living Organism

New versions of iOS and Android are released roughly yearly, not including security patches and minor updates. If part of your solution is built on a mobile platform, then you must stay on top of these new releases. This requires regression testing, updates, and release management. Furthermore, as is often the case, you released your product with some known acceptance issues. Time-to-market and ?good enough? trump perfection. New issues appear as user load increases. All of these things must be addressed. Software is never done?your platform must constantly evolve. Your team will need to manage and support these changes to your application platform or your company may need to partner with a team that can do this for you.

Software Company

Interoperability in Healthcare IT is a Mirage

Of course there are standards. You have implemented the relevant ones for your customers. Even so, every particular implementation and customer integration will be unique. There will be nuances to which your platform must adapt, in spite of your adherence to the latest standards. You will likely need a professional services team that can work with your customers to ensure that your platform integrates with their processes properly.

When the Red Phone Rings at Zero-Dark-Thirty

Your customers will integrate your solution into their own mission-critical product and services. They demand a battle-tested support protocol, because downtime is unacceptable. Excellent customer service drives customer loyalty and user adoption. You need a team that can answer calls from your customers, triage requests, and coordinate with the development team. This team assures that issues are resolved efficiently and effectively.


In the ever-changing world of technology, it is difficult to anticipate and prepare for the unexpected. Not only will PointClear and Worry Free Labs work with you to design and deliver your product, but we also want to help you after the product gets released to market. Our Application Management and Support solution is designed for just this scenario. We will create a team tuned to your needs and those of your customers. Your committed team will maintain your application for the long-term, manage upgrades and new releases, orchestrate bug fixes, provide consulting services for customer integrations, and handle support issues from your customers. Are you interested in more details about how our team can help you today? Let us show you!




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